Adidas K200E Karate Uniform - Evolution

IN STOCK Brand: adidas SKU: K200E 110-120
R 455.00

The low-priced entry level Karate suit for children from Adidas with new technology. The K200E has two suits in one and grows with your child, lengths can be altered in the arm and leg as user grows. This is patented by Adidas.

Soft and comfortable material with elastic waistband.


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Awesome Thanks

Bekostigbaar, goeie kwaliteit dankie.

We are so thankful for you guys and your specials.

Our karate club serves a troublesome community and most of our students come from homes with very little disposable income. This makes it basically impossible for them to have their own equipment.

The other sensei and I try our best to help these kids any way we can, even letting some of them train for free at times although our monthly fees are not much. We basically just charge to cover our rental fees.

We have thus taken it upon ourselves to buy our club equipment for the students to have when we take them to competitions. But through your specials, some of them were able to buy their own equipment. This installed so much pride in them. They are training harder than ever before even asking if we can have more days to train. Some of them even have more confidence, we know kids and their imaginations, so they believe these gloves are giving them superpowers.

I myself have also always trained in Adidas gear and when I was still competing(hoping to get back to that) used the brand. So its a huge encouragement for them to now have the same gear as me.