Angry Fit Resistance Loops

IN STOCK Brand: Angry Fit SKU: LS3650C-L
R 60.00

Now you can get fit wherever you like with the Angry Fit Resistance Loops.

Thanks to the compact design of these resistance loops, you can easily fit them in your kit bag and use them whenever the feeling for a workout strikes you. What is great about the resistance loops is that it can be used by everyone and anyone, as the workout is only as hard as you make it. More so, each band has a different resistance level allowing you to start light and work your way up.

It’s incredible to think that these loops can increase your mobility, enhance your core strength as well as give you a feel for real resistance training.

The Angry Fit Resistance loops are color-coded and marked to help you decide which resistance level to train on.

  • Light Resistance- Light Green
  • Medium Resistance- Yellow
  • Heavy Resistance- Black

These loops are made from durable material ensuring that they will outlast your workouts as you get Angry Fit!