Adidas Foam Roller

IN STOCK Brand: adidas SKU: ADAC-11501
R 750.00

Foam rolling has become an integrated part of an athletes conditioning regime as it enables them to stay mobile and recover faster from soft tissue fatigue. The hard inner sleeve of the Adidas Foam Roller takes this approach to the next level by enabling you to roll and massage muscle tissue much deeper than is possible with soft rollers.

Hours of testing goes into every one of our products. The diameter and length of the roller enables you to spend the least amount of time rolling whilst massaging the maximum amount of muscle tissue.

Simply find the muscle that is tense or fatigued then roll over it with your body weight on the roller (the only rule is that you roll in the direction of the muscle fibers rather than across them).

  • 33cm length x 14cm diameter
  • Hard inner sleeve enables you to roll and massage deeper than soft rollers
  • Helps you recover faster from soft tissue fatigue