IN STOCK Brand: Angry Fit SKU: X60
R 28,000.00 R 30,999.00

The X60 GOLF SCOOTER WITH GOLF ACCESSORIES boasts a super sleek looking LCD display controller.

This controller helps you to keep track of your mileage in a single trip as well as cumulatively. More so, it will show you the amount of battery life available as well as the speed you are traveling, along with other super-nifty features.


  • The maximum speed that this Balance Scooter can travel is 18km/h.
  • The maximum load the scooter can manage is 150kgs.
  • With a 1600W motor, the specs of the Angry Fit Balance Scooter are super impressive.

To make things even better, the Angry Fit Golf Balance Scooter promotes “green traveling” which is beneficial to the environment. The scooter was specifically designed for easy control, extremely low carbon emissions, stellar quality, and a look that is aesthetically pleasing.

What is more, is that it comes with a convenient remote control, allowing you to lock the balance scooter when unattended and change the sensitivity modes as per your needs.
So why wait, get on your Angry Fit Balance Scooter and travel smoothly and safely!


Available in black only