Adidas WKF Shin & Removable Instep

IN STOCK Brand: adidas SKU: 661.35 XS/RED
R 685.00 R 1,000.00

Full-length shin pads that guard your shin all the way down to the top of your foot, to provide the ultimate protection.

The inner component is made of rubber (sponge) and has a specific density and dimensions to ensure its correct use as well as to avoid interfering with the competitor´s movements.

This protection is of mandatory use in competition and aims towards preventing or reducing potential injuries that may be caused to the competitor´s legs and feet due to techniques performed without proper control. It also protects the tibia from impact.


  • These Adidas shin and removable insteps are WKF Approved
  • Removable foot protector
  • CE Approved
  • Available in red and blue
  • Available in all sizes - XS, S, L and XL 

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Jansie Rautenbach
Adidas WKF Approved karate gear

Outstanding service and speedy delivery!

Gerald Chitharai
Excellent quick delivery

Thank you , Delivery was quick and fast. site made it easy to order . online asssistance was a call away , thank, you ,