Angry Fit Aerobic Step

OUT STOCK Brand: Angry Fit SKU: LS3168A
R 500.00

The Angry Fit Aerobic Step will help you step up your cardio and coordination fitness. Target almost every muscle group with just one step. Raised lunges will get those hamstrings working hard, whereas raised push-ups will work the arms, chest, and shoulders. Not to mention those step and Zumba workouts to get that ticker of yours pumping.

As you start to feel comfortable with your workout, you can step it up by adjusting the platform higher. Yes, you can simply add the pieces that have been cleverly stored underneath the step, to the feet of your platform, to increase the height.

The Aerobic Step is lightweight, making it easy to pick up and workout wherever you like. The feet pieces of the step are also removable, easily clipping off the platform, allowing for hassle-free storage.

Even though the step is lightweight, it can hold heavyweight, thanks to its durable material.

What’s more is that this step features, non-stick, non-slip, shock-absorbing feet, giving you a platform that won’t budge, even when you get Angry Fit!