Plastic Whistles

IN STOCK Brand: SNT Sports SKU: 12242T
R 45.00

Box Of 12 whistles.

Whistles can take a number of shapes and forms. They can be made from different materials, such as metal, wood or plastic. Despite these differences, basically all whistles work alike.

What happens when air is blown into a whistle is a complicated equation. But here are the basics. Air enters the whistle at one end. As the air reaches the other, closed-end, all the air molecules "pile up" on top of each other and causes a high-pressure region, the air then escapes out the little hole on top, making the noise you hear.

This is an all-purpose plastic whistle and does not comes with a lanyard.


  • It is available in black
  • Made from a high-quality plastic
  • Can be used for all kinds of sport
  • Available in boxes of 12