Reebok Lifting Straps

IN STOCK Brand: Reebok SKU: RAAC-15001BK
R 208.00
Designed to bolster your workout, Reebok Lifting Straps support your grip during pull movements. Helping to get maximum volume from each set, the straps reduce forearm and grip fatigue to unlock your strength capacity.


Made from durable woven material, the straps soft feel sits comfortably with a secure loop fastening for quick application. Allowing you to push yourself to a new deadlift or pull-up PR; Reebok Straps harness your will to chase marginal gains day-after-day.


  • Looped fastening
  • Reduces grip fatigue
  • Durable woven material
  • Soft feel for comfort
  • Pair of straps
  • 55 cm length