Reebok MMA Gloves

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Be defined by the journey - not the fight - with professional Reebok MMA gloves.

MMA is one of the fastest-growing full-contact sports involving both striking and grappling either standing or grounded. If you want to train like a fighter you’ll need a pair of MMA gloves which give you superior protection, support, and shock absorption. These gloves feature an open palm design, ideal for grappling and wrestling techniques inside the octagon, as well as wrap around wrist support for a secure fit.

The Reebok MMA gloves are constructed with polyurethane and incorporate a padded strike surface as well as the padded thumb. Soft on the inside, tough on the outside.

Reebok Combat equipment is dedicated to support and enable greatness; for those who train, or want to train, like fighters.

  • Open palm design for grappling
  • Padded knuckle area and thumb for added protection
  • Pair of MMA Gloves 
  • Tough PU construction with Velcro strap closure
  • Wrap around wrist support for a secure fit
  • Available in Large