Adidas BJJ Uniform- Blue and Gold

IN STOCK Brand: adidas SKU: JJ430 BL/GD A0
R 1,761.44 R 2,906.00

Adidas Contest JJ430 is made with a texture that is 450 grams and the fabric is 100% cotton. This reduces the shrinkage of the garment after the first washing to a minimum variation.

The jacket of the uniform has the classic 3 stripes and Adidas embroidered along the shoulders; the embroidery of stripes is also present on the legs up to mid-thigh starting at the top.

Kimono be sold without a belt and suitable to the races IBJJF.

Sizing Chart:

A0: 150-160 cm

A1: 160-170cm

A2: 170-180cm

A3: 180-190cm

A4: 190-200cm

A5: 200cm +