Adidas "WKF" Approved Karate Belt

IN STOCK Brand: adidas SKU: ADIB242K 280 BLUE
R 350.00
Many Japanese martial arts feature a belt as part of their exercise outfit. These belts are made from thick cotton and are about 5 cm wide. In different styles of martial arts, we have different ways of tying these belts.


In many martial arts, the colour of the belt represents a student’s skill level. Usually, the colours start from the beginner's which will be white and end in the master's black.


  • High-quality belt
  • 220 grams
  • 5% white bleached
  • 100% cotton drill fabric with 8 rows of stitching
  • With light jute-11/28 lined
  • WKF Approved
  • Available sizes: 300cm and 320cm
  • Colour: Red