Adidas Ab Roller Combo

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Designed with dual-functionality, the Foam Ab Roller develops total core strength and aids recovery. Featuring detachable foam-gripped handles and an inner storage tube, the Roller morphs to suit your needs pre, post and during workouts. Essential for any training regime, the Ab Roller challenges your stability to strengthen your entire core.
Allowing you to perform ‘rollouts’, the wheel engages your trunk for dynamic ab workouts. Also helping to ease muscle discomfort and release tight tissue, the Foam Roller can be used with or without handles; making it easier to roll tough areas such as the quads, hamstrings and traps.


Built for yoga, Pilates and general ground exercise, the 8mm mat provides cushioning and stability; with a non-slip texture increasing traction for stronger and more rooted poses. The lightweight and rollable design is ideal for transport and is available in 4 colours.