Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell Set - 5Kg

IN STOCK Brand: adidas SKU: ADWT-10026
R 820.00

The 5kg Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell Set offers users a complete and compact solution for increasing overall body strength. Considered to be one of the most effective methods to increase lean muscle mass, strength training is a fundamental aspect of any fitness program and dumbbells are widely used as part of any routine.

Strong and robust, the chrome Adidas dumbbells feature spinlock collars which keep the weight discs securely in place. With adjustable weights, you can choose your challenge level and weight best suited for your particular exercises. The spinlock ensures you can change your weights over faster, for a smooth transition between each move and the seamless design means you don't have any of the bar extruding out of the end.

  • Adjustable dumbbell set includes: 1 chrome spinlock bars, 8 spinlock weight discs and 4 collars to secure weights in place
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Save on space
  • Sold individually
  • Total weight including dumbbell handle: 8 x 0.5kg weight discs, 2 x 0.25kg collars, 0.5kg handle