Angry Fit Interlocking Floor Mat

IN STOCK Brand: Angry Fit SKU: LS3259
R 230.00

The Angry Fit Interlocking Floor Mat is a great way to kit out your home gym, gym, or any space you’d like to workout or even just soften the floors.

It is great for playrooms too!

The interlocking floor mat is water-resistant, easy to clean and even easier to install. You can use multiple packs to ensure you have wall to wall installation.

What’s more is that these mats come with a smooth edge piece to give it a nice finished look.

Specifications and Contents:

  • 4 x 60cm x 60cm Floor mats
  • 4 x smooth edge pieces
  • 10mm thick

These mats are highly durable allowing you to get as Angry Fit as you like, without having to worry about your flooring!