Adidas Boxing Gloves - Hybrid 80

R 518.00
  • FITNESS & BAG GLOVES FROM A BRAND THAT KNOWS SCIENCE BEHIND SPORTS: A fitness gloves from a brand that understands “The Science Behind the Sports”, and excels in developing Foams that dampen the force and protect human body.
  • UNIQUE HIGH COMPRESSION SDX PERFORATED FOAM CONSTRUCTION: The construction allows for great shock-absorption, keeping your knuckles and fist safe from damage during extended workouts in the boxing gym. These gloves provide fantastic speed and accelerate the execution of movement, delivering a firm and perfect punch.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN PU OUTER SHELL: These gloves are made from a high-quality polyurethane leather to give them a long-lasting, durable exterior. Great for punching the heavy bag, mitt training, fitness classes and light sparring, and for beginners, amateurs and pros!
  • INNOVATIVE MOLDED FIT FOR MORE COMFORT & PROTECTION: This boxing glove features a one-piece mold, giving a strong support to the wrist and keeping you safe from injury during your workouts/training. Great for both boxing and kickboxing for women and men! Please consult our Size Guide to determine the perfect size for you!
  • GREAT FOR FITNESS CLASSES: These AeroReady well-ventilated gloves are perfect for long fitness sessions and for punching the heavy bag. Gloves come equipped with the best adidas Hybrid technology keeping your hands and the gloves free of any sweat, for longer.