Adidas Kickboxing Pro Point Fighter Glove

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Pro Semi contact kickboxing gloves, WAKO approved.
They are made of new generation polyurethane using PU3G INNOVATION technology.

The inner liner is made of IMF (Intelligent Mold Technology) multilayer molded block of high-pressure foam, which provides a uniform level of shock absorption.
This technology guarantees perfect hand protection as well as safety for the training partner.
The internal material I-COMFORT + ® has anti-allergenic and anti-slip properties and instantly evaporates the liquid from the inner surface of the gloves.
Enhanced protection of the thumb, hand, and shock area.
Special stiff cuff for protecting the brush with a 5 cm wide Velcro strap.

PU3G is a soft and durable polyurethane that looks like leather and is insensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
PU3G: a material with all the characteristics and tactile properties of genuine leather, durable, flexible, and resistant to cracking.

I-COMFORT + (Technology)
I-COMFORT +: a new technology that gives the material anti-allergenic and anti-slip properties. Provides rapid evaporation of fluid from the surface of the body. The technology provides maximum comfort to the athlete.

I-PROTECH: adidas developed special composite molded liner structure for comfort and safety.

Official gear of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO approved).

Approved by WAKO (World Kickboxing Federation).
Approved by the Kickboxing Federation of Russia.
Fully molded foam block to the wrist.
Enhanced protection of the thumb, hand, and shock area.

Customer Reviews

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Dewalt Grobler
Great Service.

The order was placed thinking I won't get it in time for my competition (which I was fine with), but on the morning that we were about to leave my items arrived. That is brilliant service. Just awesome.

Jaco Joubert

My son loves them. Feels very comfortable and well padded