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Super Pro Adidas boxing gloves are made of high quality genuine leather. A distinctive feature of this model from other Adidas boxing gloves is the reinforced area in the area of ​​the athlete's wrist (improved protection), as well as the presence of a special perforated insert on the inner surface of the glove. You can clearly see the indicated insert in the video. The insert replaces the usual holes and promotes good ventilation of the athlete's palm during training.

The glove thumb is sewn to the base of the fist using a fabric insert. Adidas gloves are filled with special pre-prepared and compressed IMF foam + polyurethane foam. This padding provides reliable protection for the boxer's fist during sparring.

The Super Pro Boxing Gloves have a high-quality moisture-wicking lining. To improve heat ventilation, the aforementioned perforated insert and holes that are placed on the thumb are also used.

The Super Pro boxing gloves of the Adidas trademark are fastened on the athlete's hand with Velcro. This mount provides a secure fixation of the ammunition. Real gloves have a unique and inimitable design. Available in black in various sizes.

Adidas Super Pro Gloves can be used both for training and for performances in certain competitions. They are suitable for both sacking and training sparring.

Taking into account the high quality of materials, filling, as well as unique and inimitable design, Adidas boxing gloves will be a good gift for any boxer.