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The Angry Fit air bike uses wind resistance via a large fan, the harder you work, the more resistance you feel. It’s very linear and simple to use! You also get the cooling effect from the air moving through the fan which helps you to keep cool during your full upper body workout as you work your legs.

- Low-impact, total-body workout - An air bike gets your arms in the action for better conditioning and calorie burning, all without any jarring impact to the joints.
- Infinite intensity and resistance - Unlike other types of exercise bikes, an air bike provides the advantage of unlimited wind resistance to customize every stage of your workout.

- Console connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet which then enables you to connect and use Kinomaps
- Console : Speed, time, distance, calories,RPM
- Water bottle holder
- Holder for phone or tablet
- 3 piece crank
- Saddle allows for vertical and horizontal adjustment
- Whole Alloy pedals
- HDR foam handles
- 150Kg maximum user weight

What's in the box
1 X Angry Fit Air Bike with Bluetooth