Reebok Calf Sleeves - Black

IN STOCK Brand: SNT Sports SKU: RASL-11314BK
R 177.22

Offering total comfort, Reebok Calf Sleeves are designed to help boost your performance whilst you train or compete. Helping to minimise irritation whilst allowing airflow through the woven structure, the Calf Sleeves' silicone inlay prevents slippage to keep your training focussed.

Complete as a pair, the elasticated Reebok Calf Sleeves are machine washable for easier cleaning post-workout.

PERFORMANCE - Combining performance and comfort, Reebok Compression Sleeves are designed for stronger training sessions.

SILICONE INLAY - The silicone inlay prevents slippage to keep your training focussed.

TEMPERATURE REGULATION - Regulating temperature through the cold and warm months, Reebok Sleeves deliver complete performance for enhanced training.

PAIR OF SLEEVES - Supplied as a pair, the tight-fitting design delivers top performance mile after mile.

MACHINE WASHABLE - Fit for machine washing, the Compression Sleeves are easily cleaned and made to last.

  • Silicone inlay prevents slippage
  • Helps regulate temperature for reduced irritation
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning post-workout
  • Complete as a pair of sleeves