Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Maple Wood Baseball Bat

OUT STOCK Brand: Louisville Slugger SKU: LVSWBCMMLB-BG32
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The Hardest Louisville Slugger Bat. Ever.

We proudly introduce the MLB Prime series, the hardest wood bats ever produced by Louisville Slugger. We rebuilt our wood bats from the ground up using veneer maple lumber, which is the highest quality wood you can use. Amish craftsmanship, 360-degree compression, and an Advanced Finish System create a bat with a harder hitting surface, zero soft spots, and a more satisfying "crack."

The C271 turning model is swung by pros like Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds, one of the game's most versatile hitters. This turning model has a large barrel and 15/16" handle for a balanced swing.

Lots of bats claim to be "authentic." But make no mistake – the MLB Prime bat is exactly what you see MLB players use on the field all season long.


  • Wood: Amish Veneer Maple
  • Finish: Black high gloss
  • Handle 15/16"
  • Barrel: Medium
  • Turning Model: C271 (Brandon Phillips)
  • Cupped end
  • Available in Size 34"