Reebok Gold Retail Boxing Glove

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The Tetra Impact System incorporates 4 technologies working together to create a strong and cohesive glove that excels on impact.

The name Tetra derives from a Tetrahedron structure, whereby four sides of a singular structure come to a focal point of strength, stability, power, and comfort.

The four technologies are:

1) Gel shock absorption – allows for maximum power output in the punch whilst maintaining comfort and protection for the hand.

2) Wrist protection with secure wrap around support – the reinforced wrist protection guards against potential injury, whilst the wrap-around strap gives adjustable comfort and support to the wrist.

3) Injection foam padding – this gives the glove’s padding better fit and comfort so that all focus can be on the strike without compromising power through a more traditional padding spread.

4) Surface ventilation – has a cooling effect as well as reducing the risk of smelly gloves post workout, allowing you to jump straight back in the ring without having to use sprays or inserts.

These four technologies work in unison to give you the maximum amount of comfort and protection, whilst driving towards the key focal point; the point of impact.

  • 5mm gel shock absorption for protection and comfort at the point of contact.
  • Built-in Tetra Impact System
  • Injection foam padding for better ergonomic fit around the hand and cushioning on impact.
  • Ventilation for added comfort and cooling effect.
  • Wrap around wrist support to guard against potential injury and ensure a secure fit.

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Customer Reviews

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Bernice Bezuidenhout
Reebok 16 ounce gloves

We bought a pair a couple of months ago and had to now buy a new pair as one of the gloves insides are coming out. Think the previous pair might actually still be under guarantee, but not sure. My son uses them in his kickboxing sparring sessions to help him keep his hands up as 10 ounce does mot help him. So he does use it at least twice a week for hard sparring.

Matt Jordan
Quick delivery, wrong size and colour

I wax happy with the communication and delivery time of the product.

However I was told they didn't have the colour i ordered, which I accepted but the size they sent was a small. I can't remember seeing a choice or size on ordering,so in that respect I am a bit disappointed.


These gloves are fantastic! Use them everyday, breath well and air out nicely. Very good quality. Use them for bag work, pads and sparring on the regular. Got the white and gold but would love to invest in the black and gold pair too.